Monday, July 2, 2007


Hi all! Over the past few weeks, a lot of mailing lists and groups have had a lot of discussion concerning charity efforts. One was talking about a charity quilting bee that they had and another was raising money for breast cancer and Alzheimers and another for a lot of other good works. In any case, I know that sometimes it seems like an overwhelming prospect to be making full size or even lap quilts for charity purposes when we all have so many other things going on.

Anyway, those of you who know me might remember when I lost Beren 3 1/2 years ago. He was stillborn at 7 months and was a little bit under 2 pounds. At that time, the nurses at the hospital cleaned him, dressed him and wrapped him in a tiny quilt someone had donated so that I could have 15 minutes to hold him. This was a simple quilt 24 x 24 out of pastel 4 x 4 squares, tied. In case of fire here, Beren's ashes and this little simple little quilt are must saves. On bad days, I still take it out of its wrapping and can faintly smell my child and I bless the person who donated that simple quilt.

That's just the background -- Basically, we, like many other parents of still or preemie babies, weren't prepared. No one ever thinks you might need something other than a full size crib quilt and these babies are just too small. Since that time, I've been periodically putting together these simple little quilts (sometimes more elaborate given the time and/or energy) and sending them to local neonatal units. I tend to quilt them because of problems with my hands, but tied quilts aren't a really big issue.

The only thing I've ever heard is cotton, cotton, cotton so that it can be washed. Regular crib quilts are just way too big for these little ones. I was wondering if anyone else would be interested in joining me. If you don't like to quilt, we'll coordinate to have someone quilt or tie it.if you don't like to piece but like to quilt, we'll work with that. If you can only make one block -- do it, send it along and we'll match it up with someone else's blocks. Each little quilt is a couple of hours work and I know how much they are appreciated.

If you have a local neonatal unit or maternity ward you want to bring them to, let's see what has to be done to make it happen. Usually contacting the volunteer group at the hospital or the social worker is okay. Hey--if you know a nurse, ask him or her if the hospital accepts this kinds of donation! Personally, how they get to the babies and parents is less important to us than that they get to them.

Now for the $64 question--Why cauldron you might ask? Well, cauldrons are these huge beautiful cooking pots. Lots of wonderful ingredients go in, but what comes out is truly amazing. Think of this group as a "Stone Soup" for the Soul -- everyone contributes a little bit of something and wonderful things come out. As a matter of fact, although I'm making this first post, there are several other people coordinating as well who will be posting.

So here's the situation -- if you have something that you can donate, even if it's an 'orphan' block, send it along. We'll find it some brothers and sisters and make something beautiful together.

I guarantee by the time we're done, more than one parent will be sending you blessings for your thoughtfulness.

Please contact us at for more information.

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Quilters Cauldron said...

Thank you so much for coordinating this. I really am grateful for the small idea, and it will mean SO MUCH to these parents. As the mom of two healthy full term babies, I still saw friends and acquaintances have premies and stillborn children. I know the comfort quilts can bring in those situations.